Spokane Premire Farm Eggs

Tripple E – Spokane Valley, WA and surrounding areas

Our Spokane Egg Farm is devoted to providing the best quality of eggs possible. We work hard to ensure our chickens have the proper nutrition, always ensuring a natural and healthy lifestyle so we can provide the best eggs possible to you and your family.

Spokane Egg Farm

Our family farm, in Greenacres, Washington, offers a great area for me and my brothers to raise healthy chickens. My siblings and I (I am 13), more about me here, with the strick (too strick in my opinion), ensure our chickens are feed, clean, and they are ready to lay eggs until their heart is content.

Our chickens are cage-free. We have them on their run, where they like to hang out and be chickens. They also enjoy their more seclude quite space, dark and toasty, where they love to lay their beautiful eggs.

We currently have standing orders of eggs, and that occasionally buyer who will stop by our location to pick up their eggs.

We have nine chickens who lay eggs regularly. We have been raising them for over a year now and we are looking to bring a few more so they can live in our farm. They laid eggs daily, and therefore we can fulfill standing orders for fresh farm eggs. If you would like more information, please contact us in our contact page.

Our Chickens getting ready for their feeding – they sure like to eat!




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