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Enrique Quiroga

My name is Enrique Quiroga. I am the entrepreneur of this very fine Egg Enterprise. My siblings help me with this endeavor. My dad and mom also help me keep my chickens healthy, growing, and laying health eggs.

Tripple E’s Founder

To me, raising the chickens is something that I take very seriously. I enjoy time with them. I do enjoy all the individual personalities. I collect eggs daily and I ensure they are properly fed. They have water, on their living quarters on a clean. I have raised them since they were tiny little chicks. Picks on this website.

We believe on naturally grown, zero preservatives food. We love our chickens and I work very hard to keep them clean and healthy.

I love reading about chickens. I spend a fair amount of time on the library looking for chicken books. I have learned a lot about them in the last year and I believe there also birds. It is my hope to continue learning more about them and continue to share their eggs with our customers.

If you want to learn more about my chickens individually, I invite you to read their own independent bios here in our website. If you like to make an order for eggs, please see or order form here.

Enrique Quiroga

Triple E Founder